BitDefender USB Immunizer

BitDefender USB Immunizer 2.0

BitDefender USB Immunizer can help you deter autorun USB viruses
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BitDefender USB Immunizer can help you prevent those viruses that are automatically spread from autorun files on USB storage devices. The program is actually very small and portable, which means that it does not require to be installed on your system. While running, it will hide on the System Tray from where it can automatically immunize all USB storage devices you insert, provided you activate the corresponding option.

It has a very intuitive interface with a nice visual design. Actually, its operation could not be made any easier; because the program automatically detects the devices you insert and gives you the choice to immunize them or does it without even asking according to your preferences. What the program actually does is to create or replace the autorun.inf file on the drive so that viruses cannot use this means of propagation. In addition, it can also detect this type of threats before they can infect your computer.

In general, BitDefender USB Immunizer has the advantage of being small and simple-to-use. However, it is far from being a complete solution for antivirus protection, as it cannot scan the drive for other types of viruses. Similarly, it cannot deactivate the AutoPlay feature in Windows or run as a system service. Other AV software can do what BitDefender USB Immunizer does and a lot more, so if you have installed another similar program, you had better check its features before installing this tool so that you can avoid redundant actions.

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  • It is very easy to use
  • It has a very nice interface
  • It is portable
  • It can perform automatic action
  • It uses a simple but effective procedure


  • It does not include other types of virus detection
  • It cannot deactivate the AutoPlay option in Windows
  • It cannot be run as a system service
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